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Milestones Autism Resources

Cincinnati Therapy Connections (CTC) is now listed as a resource on Milestones Autism Resource! Check it out: Thank you Milestones for reaching out and including us on your resource page! Here at Cincinnati Therapy Connections we provide quality therapy to your child! Therapy is provided to your children in your Cincinnati area home. Therapy is provided […]

Find us on Jason’s Connection!

We are proud to be listed on Jason’s Connection Haven’t heard about them? They were founded in 2013 by Jason Harris, funded by the Saul Schottenstein Foundation B, Jason’s Connection is a 501(c)3 charitable organization dedicated to connecting people to resources that serve diverse needs, enrich lives and help meet goals.Their mission is to create […]

We Keep Growing To Meet Your Needs!

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We have found additional highly qualified therapists to add to our team! We are excited to have added: Mindy Kuchta CCC-SLP/L, Debbie Colson-McCarty CCC-SLP/L, and Cara Blair CCC-SLP/L. They are highly experienced, highly qualified and a wonderful addition to our team of seasoned experts! Cincinnati Therapy Connections continues to provide high quality speech therapy in […]

Top 5 Toys For Speech Development

Written by MrsSpeechieP: Blog for Parents of Children with Special Needs (November  15, 2017) Read the blog here! Sign up to get her blogs!!   Top 5 Toys For Speech Development One of the most common questions I get from parents is, “What can I buy to help my child learn to talk?” Many of these […]

Babies Learn What Words Mean before They Can Use Them

By Will Boggs, Reuters on November 21, 2017 taken from  Read the article here (Reuters Health) – Babies begin to learn words and what they mean well before they begin talking, and researchers are beginning to understand how they do it. “I think it’s especially intriguing that we find evidence that for infants, even their early words aren’t ‘islands’: […]

Sensory Santa!

Sensory Santa presented by Autistic Endeavors Inc. is Dec 10th, 2017 from 11am to 1pm at Knights of Columbus Hall (3144 Blue Rock Road, Cincinnati, OH 45239). RSVP by calling 513-251-6106, or email Make sure to leave your name, child’s name and your phone number. :o) Cincinnati Therapy Connections provides in home speech therapy […]

Losing our grip: More students entering school without fine motor skills

Written by KIMBERLY MARSELAS | LNP CORRESPONDENT,  Oct 26, 2015 Read the full article here As art teacher Alisa Leidich sends four vertical lines marching across an oversize drawing pad in parade like formation, 20 kindergartners put their hands to paper and try their best to mimic her. It’s not as easy as it might seem. […]

Handheld Screen Time Linked with Speech Delays in Young Children

Read the full article here Taken from, published 5/4/17 by Lead author Julia Ma, HBSc New research being presented at the 2017 Pediatric Academic Societies Meeting suggests the more time children under 2 years old spend playing with smartphones, tablets and other handheld screens, the more likely they are to begin talking later. As the […]

A Social Learning Challenge is a Social Executive Functioning Challenge

Written by: Michelle Garcia Winner Read the full article here A classic example of a person with a social learning challenge is Jason. He is in 4th grade, has excellent language skills, and amazing abilities to learn information about his topics interest (i.e., history, math). He enjoys learning factual information and excels in fact-based academic tasks. […]

4 Ways to Help Your Child Bond With Playmates Who Have Special Needs

4 Ways to Help Your Child Bond With Playmates Who Have Special Needs It’s not about pity or charity. When a child finds common ground with a peer who has special needs, the payoff is powerful—for both kids. By Jana Banin from Parents Magazine Benzi Goldman (left) who has Autism, playing with friend Adam Bregman (right) There was […]